Selection Process

Law enforcement and telecommunicator applicants will be selected on one or more of the following criteria(s): rural status*, domestic/family violence fatality in the county of the department, or financial/beneficial need to the agency.

The VAWT Program will select up to two law enforcement applicants from an agency or department (if possible) and will select one applicant from a college or university to attend the training. Due to limited seating only one TCP applicant will be selected to attend the training.

VAWT will use the Rural Policing Institute’s definition of “rural” (Any area outside of a metropolitan statistical area (MSA), or any area jurisdiction inside of a MSA located in a county, borough, parish or land under the jurisdiction of an Indian Tribe with a population of no more than 50,000) to determine which applicants will be selected to attend.

To determine if an applicant lived in a county where a fatality occurred due to family violence VAWT will use the yearly report compiled by the Texas Council on Family Violence – Honoring Texas Victims 2016.

To determine the financial/beneficial need of the agency the VAWT Staff will review the applicants response to the final question in the application process.

College and University Law Enforcement Peace Officers will be selected based on the applicant’s response to the final question in the application process.

(College and University Law Enforcement Peace Offices will be required to attend one session on Tuesday morning only.)

*The VAWT Program encourages all agencies/departments to submit an application regardless of rural status.